Kaete Walker

Kaete Walker

* TAFE Gender Workshop Sept 07


(Some of the slides produced for the workshop are below. Click on each in order to enlarge)

A three hour ‘Gender and Sexuality Diversities’ workshop was provided at Hunter Institute of TAFE on the 27th September 2007 for Cert1V and Diploma welfare students.

Presenters/Facilitators were:
* Kaete Walker. Teacher, Mental Health, TAFE; and formerly,
Secretary and Co-Convenor, Rainbow Visions Hunter.

* Amy Wyndham. Sexuality Educator; Cert IV Workplace Trainer and
Assessor; and Family and Relationship Counsellor, Interrelate.

* Nonni Walker. Bachelor of Arts in Communication (Social Inquiry)

With a much appreciated appearance towards the end of the programme, by
Chris Clementson, Hunter and Mid North Coast Region Manager, ACON. Chris
provided information of the services offered by ACON.

Topics included in the workshop:
* What is ‘Sexuality’?
* What is ‘Gender’?
* What is ‘Normal’ Gender and ‘Normal’ Sexuality?
* What is homophobia, and how does homophobia come about?
* Hetereonormativity, hegemony, and dominant discourse.
* Implications for Welfare Practice.

That which follows is part the ‘References and Useful Reading’
list, compiled in the development of the workshop.

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for the speech

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Affirm. Readings on Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Issues

Lynn Conway. (Private site produced by Professor Lynn Conway.
Personal stories, research articles, information about transition, etc)

(“My goal for this website is to illuminate and normalize the issues of
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