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Kaete Walker

* My Family(s) of Origin

I know not all that much about both my families of origin, they born, and living most of their lives, in the United Kingdom, and I born, and living most of my life in Australia.

Some information I do know however, is as follows:


My father, Frank, was the second youngest of his siblings, the latter being, from oldest to youngest, none of whom survive today: Tom, Eric, Harry, Sally, unknown female, Bill, and Eric. Their father, apparently an underground colliery manager at the time of his death died at a reasonably young age, the result of a mining accident. Tom at the time of his retirement had been a police inspector; Eric had been a police sergeant; Harry, I’m not sure; Sally, rather than going into the workforce, had looked after the younger children; unknown name female had married an artist; Bill had been a bus inspector; and Eric, had owned a business of some descript. Some of the male members of the family had served in the armed forces, prior to their civilian roles.


My mother, Phyllis, is the second eldest of her siblings, the latter being, from oldest to youngest Florrie, John, and Leslie. Only Phyllis and Leslie today survive. The father and mother of Florrie, Phyllis, John, and Leslie, had been Jack and Gwendolyn Ayres. Jack, in addition to being a labourer, later a Lancashire bicycling racing champion, had been born in England, whilst Gwendolyn (nee Bibby) had been born in Wales (though, according to my mother, steadfastly refusing to acknowledge that she was actually Welsh). Florrie was married to a police officer, Jack Ashurst, and John worked in the UK post office for many a year. Leslie Ayres, (https://no.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leslie_Ayres) six years my senior, is an artist, sculptor, and rock-climbing enthusiast, who has lived in Norway since 1984.

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December 27, 2022 at 15:28

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