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16th August 2018

Not much happening here, so far, to date in this new personal blog section just created..

However, in my recovering (aided by some copious quantities of garlic, cough mixture, sunshine, various herbs, and lemon), a somewhat nasty respiratory illness in these past few days, requiring time off work, in order others not be so affected, I’ve had a chance, in between sleep, to review some of my library. Particularly so, the reasonably large feminist library I have.

Has anyone read ‘BEAUTY AND MISOGYNY- harmful cultural practices in the west’ by Sheila Jeffreys? If not, its available at, for example: https://archive.org/stream/BeautyAndMisogynyHarmfulCulturalPracticesInTheWestBySheilaJeffreys/Beauty%20and%20Misogyny%20-%20Harmful%20Cultural%20Practices%20in%20the%20West%20by%20Sheila%20Jeffreys_djvu.txt

A good read, I think. Of course, its also available in hard copy, such as the one I have. See, for instance, at: https://www.amazon.com/Beauty-Misogyny-Cultural-Practices-Psychology/dp/0415351820

best wishes, Kaete


22nd Sept 2018


‘Vivente the Antidepressant’ stopped for a rest overlooking the boats at Valentine, whilst on a ride around Lake Macquarie, NSW, today. So lovely the weather, today!

Along the journey today, got chatting (as I often do with people) to a rider on a recumbent bicycle (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Recumbent_bicycle – too dangerous for my liking, as they ride so low to the ground low the vision of a motorist) who told me he had done many thousands of kilometres around Europe and elsewhere, over many years, and had come back to Australia, with the opinion that motorists here were both the rudist, and the most aggressive, he had come across in his global travels over the years. I do wonder why this ought be that they are?

Another chap today I met on my travels, Canadian born, working as a local researcher, was riding a Surly Long Haul Trucker bicycle (https://surlybikes.com/bikes/long_haul_trucker and, along with the Vivente, one of the strongest long distance touring bicycles ever produced). He concurred with the person I’d earlier spoken with. Why the rudist, and the most aggressive, we had come across, were in Australia, I do wonder? Why is it that they are so?


23rd Sept 2018

Folk who know me well, know I’m partial every morning to having a short black, expresso, coffee, and that, of all the places I’ve had a short black, expresso, coffee, over the many years I’ve been having them, has been the best I’ve had, at the Six Degrees restaurant (www.sixdegreesnewcastle.com.au/) overlooking the harbour in Newcastle. Alas, barista there is shortly moving away from the Newcastle region to live elsewhere. So very friendly and capable she is, I shall miss her very much. Best wishes Danny!



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August 10, 2018 at 15:16

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