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Kaete Walker

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Social Support Group for Trans and Gender Diverse Women in the Hunter.

Identified has been that there currently lacks such a support group in the Hunter, NSW region, and that such a group is necessary in order to reduce the social isolation that trans/gender diverse women very often experience.

Kaete Walker*, a sixty five year old post op trans person, with group leadership training, and many years working within NSW mental health and related services, will be facilitating this new group. Another facilitator may join Kaete at some date in the future.

The group, will meet at ACON in Islington, Newcastle, at a day (Sat, Sun, or Mon) at a time yet to be finally decided. It is expected that it will meet for one to two hours, every two weeks.

To ensure smooth running of the group, it will be governed by a set of rules which all participants will be expected to adhere. The rules will include (but will be not limited to) those of confidentiality, respect for one another, and respect for one another’s opinions. The final say in these group rules, or in any dispute arising, will rest with the group facilitator(s).

If interested, please email Kaete at mytanwy@gmail.com saying what you yourself would like to achieve from membership of the group.

Very best wishes from me,


*Kaete Walker. Member, Australian College of Mental Health Nurses. (http://www.acmhn.org/ ); Member, Australian Sociological Association (http://www.tasa.org.au/ ); Past executive member, Aust and New Zealand Professional Association for Transgender Health. (http://www.anzpath.org/ ); President, Hunter Centre for Sex and Gender Diversity (http://www.huntercentreforsexandgenderdiversity.com.au/home.html )

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December 28, 2016 at 15:41

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